Choose an efficient solution to showcase offerings and convert leads to customers

Having a good platform to showcase offerings and convert leads to customers is crucial for every cloud service reseller. ActivePlatform, a leading cloud brokerage solution, offers two options for achieving this: utilizing the built-in customer store or integrating your existing standalone store.

ActivePlatform's Built-in Customer Store

ActivePlatform's built-in e-commerce store, now with a revamped design, offers resellers a seamless, efficient solution. Here's why it stands out:

  • Quick and Easy Setup: Get your branded store up and running in minutes. Simply add your logo and contact info and customize the page elements to match your brand. ActivePlatform automatically populates the catalog with your cloud service offerings and marketing information. Products sorted by categories get their own modern-looking pages with plan comparisons. You can also switch between the local and vendor currencies to show the subscription's minimal cost in the catalog. The platform immediately applies the actual exchange rates and recalculates the prices. This eliminates the need for complex design and development processes, allowing you to focus on selling.
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  • Streamlined Workflow: The built-in customer store seamlessly integrates with ActivePlatform's core functionalities. After the first purchase, your customers get access to a self-service portal with an exclusive cloud catalog and recommendation service that follow the same design patterns. Automatic assignment of the account managers with referral buy-links, subscription management, billing, and provisioning are all handled within the platform, eliminating the need for manual data entry or switching between different applications. While your customers become more efficient on their digital transformation journey, you get your cloud sales business to grow.
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  • Best Practices Built-in: The out-of-the-box store is designed with established e-commerce best practices in mind. This includes features like SEO optimization, user-friendly navigation, highlighted free trial offerings, and prominent calls to action, all aimed at maximizing conversions.
  • White-Labeling for Sub-Resellers: You can leverage the platform's white-labeling capabilities if you have a team of sub-resellers. Each sub-reseller can have its branded customer store connected to your single ActivePlatform installation, allowing it to sell your services under its brand name. This is a great way to expand your reach and distribution network.
Each product card provides a concise yet comprehensive overview, including the vendor's name, logo, product name, brief description, trial subscription availability indicator, starting subscription price, and a link to the product page. This streamlined approach simplifies product discovery and empowers customers to quickly identify solutions that align with their unique needs.

Considering a Standalone Store

If you already have a well-established online store with a strong brand identity, you can still integrate and sync it with ActivePlatform through our API, which might be an attractive option. Here are some potential benefits:

  • Maintain Brand Continuity: Keep your existing website design and branding, ensuring a consistent experience for your existing customer base.
  • Greater Customization: You have full control over the design and functionalities of your store, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs and preferences.
  • Potential for Advanced Features: Depending on your technical expertise and resources, you may be able to develop additional functionalities without waiting for the platform's updates.

While integrating your standalone store offers benefits, it also comes with additional complexities:

  • Development and Maintenance Costs: Integrating and maintaining the API connection could involve development resources and ongoing technical expertise. Building a distribution network of sub-resellers and ensuring the security of your standalone store will also require additional resources.
  • Potential for Data Silos: Data synchronization between your store and ActivePlatform requires careful planning and implementation to avoid data inconsistencies and errors. Synchronization with our product recommendation service may build up another level of complexity on your side.

As you can see, both the built-in e-commerce store and a standalone online store have their advantages. However, functionality and the updated design of ActivePlatform's built-in Customer Store present a compelling case for resellers focused on effective cloud services. It offers a balanced mix of rapid deployment, ease of use, and customization options, making it attractive for resellers looking to enhance their digital commerce operations.

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you want to try out the new built-in customer store or explore API integration possibilities, our team is here to help. Contact us today to discuss your options and take your cloud service sales to the next level!
About ActivePlatform
ActivePlatform is a full-service automated cloud brokering solution for cloud service providers and internal IT hubs that makes it easier to manage and control the cloud delivery and profitability. ActivePlatform unites vendors, providers, developers, and resellers into a single ecosystem for buying, selling, and managing cloud services. With its open vendor integration framework, ActivePlatform creates a vibrant catalog of cloud services ultimately helping businesses gain access to the services they need to thrive.
ActivePlatform enables SaaS, PaaS, IaaS aggregation, delivery, and monetization, provides simplified administration through central management, and enables critical visibility into resellers and cloud services consumption and usage. The platform has implementations with distributors, cloud solution providers, and telecom operators. ActivePlatform is headquartered in Europe.
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