Sales automation solution
for Kaspersky partners

The solution to automate sales of antiviruses and cybersecurity services from Kaspersky and launch self-service SaaS Store for your Customers and Partners

Automation for Cloud Security Providers

ActivePlatform is a white-label cloud brokerage and automation platform for both SaaS and IaaS providers, including MSSP. ActivePlatform enables the self-service, billing, provisioning, and management of cyber security cloud services from Kaspersky.

Easily launch your cloud business

With ActivePlatform, you are free to choose to use our platform in on-premise or SaaS mode. Moreover, the platform gives you the ability to manage all cloud vendors and partners in one single platform
Integrated services
Handle the billing, ordering, and provisioning of cloud services from integrated vendors
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Manage whole your cloud business with a single platform
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E-commerce store
Get your own white-label e-commerce store for your customers and partners
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Universal Automation
ActivePlatform aimed to decrease human interactions throughout the entire customer lifecycle journey. ActivePlatform is all you need to fulfill all the infrastructure requirements for the automation of your cloud business.

ActivePlatform not only empowers business for IaaS providers but also enables VARs and VADs to resell solutions from other leading vendors like Microsoft, Google, Kaspersky, Acronis, etc. The open-for-vendors approach allows you to build your own managed service and connect your own solutions to ActivePlatform with automated provisioning and billing of Anything-as-a-Service.
Are you ready to start your profitable VAR/VAD or Microsoft CSP business?
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