Start your CSP business
in just 2 weeks

ActivePlatform is a full-service automated cloud brokering
solution for cloud service providers that makes it easier
to manage and control the cloud delivery and profitability

Automate your multi-vendor cloud business
Launching a cloud business can require significant investment in resources and changes to business processes. ActivePlatform automated full-service brokerage simplifies becoming a cloud service provider with out-of-the-box deployment and all necessary brokerage tools to aggregate all cloud and SaaS services in one platform.
Easily manage operations
ActivePlatform automates all vital workflows of CSP on the base of predefined and thoroughly selected best practices.

ActivePlatform's centralized management capabilities minimizes the time necessary to manage day-to-day operations, making it easier to manage and monitor a multi-tiered CSP business with thousands of global customers.
Sell your own IP and managed services
With ActivePlatform you can launch popular IaaS, SaaS, or PaaS services and sell your own packaged IP and managed IT services by adding your offering to the catalog

Managed IT services plans
Publish in one catalog both automated and non-automated cloud services. Aggregate both vertical and horizontal services to support commercial offers and marketing campaigns

Branded cloud services
Onboard your own service provider cloud or white-labeled third-party service, and bundle public, private and hybrid service offerings. Add applications and services either using a vendor portal (via standard API) or individual service provider catalog (via plugin platform SDK)
Grow your business and expand into other regions by providing multiple currency and payment systems
  • Manage pricing plans in multiple currencies to support resellers offering services across several regions
  • Integrate preferred payment system into the brokering platform
  • Use taxation plug-ins to adjust pricing and billing flows
Create your own branded online store out-of-the-box
ActivePlatform simplifies creating a branded online store for marketing your portfolio of cloud services and applications to end-users. The whitelabelled UI is customizable to add your brand and marketing materials to the service page.

You can further market to your customers with:
  • Market trials and upgrades
  • Service plans based on end-user requirements
  • Add-ons like additional users or disk space
  • Backup of services, shared hosting, email, IaaS, and more
Automate your Microsoft CSP routine in just 4 easy steps
Sign a CSP contract
Gain the required CSP competencies and sign a contract with Microsoft
Deploy the platform
Choose the platform pricing plan and start deployment project with ActivePlatform delivery team
Make offering settings
Set the margins that will be applied to the available CSP plans
Brand customer interfaces
Brand your customer control
panel and online store with your logo, colors and domain