Get Cloud Services Marketplace
for the 21st Century

AppDirect Marketplace Alternative
What do you need to provide cloud services in the year 2021? You need a solution that's built with the future in mind. If you're choosing between ActivePlatform and AppDirect, it's clear that one solution has a pulse on what's expected of a modern web application.

You need a solution that:
  • Is simple to deploy and use
  • Adds new features regularly
  • Is affordable
  • Gives you the integrations you need
Ability to build and manage resellers network
Via separate service
Support for private IaaS
VMware, Cloudstack
Flexible customization of UI and customer's e-commerce portal
Custom domain, configurable layout, CSS, HTML5, adaptive interface
Open for new vendors and services
Vendor Portal with free access for ISV and cloud providers
Platform's flexibility
New features added on request
Licensing terms
Affordable revenue share without fixed costs
Restrictive monthly costs + extra revenue share
Built for Cloud Resellers
Unlike AppDirect, ActivePlatform is built for cloud resellers. Maybe AppDirect is more suitable for a single company's marketplace, but we place a lot of value on the ability to manage a lot of resellers and cloud vendors in one platform. We believe you should be able to create and manage a multi-tier network of resellers and sell through them the services of the tens of cloud vendors.