On the way of digital transformation to G-cloud

ActivePlatform is a cloud services brokerage platform that enables Governments to embrace e-Government transformation by adopting cloud delivery model for shared IT services.
Government cloud
ActivePlatform works to provide an open, visible, and cost transparent marketplace, that is the first point of call for any public sector ICT requirement based on selected G-Cloud approach. Our goal is to enable national and global governments to provide IT services to dispersed government institutions and satisfy their demand to shift from CAPEX to OPEX model of IT expenses and to support the development of their citizen-centric e-Government framework.
Power your e-Government with ActivePlatform
ActivePlatform is a cloud services brokerage platform that enables Governments to embrace e-Government transformation by adopting cloud delivery model for shared IT services. ActivePlatfrom provides governments with a comprehensive organizational and technical solution based on proprietary ActivePlatform software. ActivePlatform benefits e-governments in the following areas:
  • Creates a marketplace where all the relevant public sector ICT services can be found encouraging innovation, competition and new suppliers adoption
  • Helps public sector purchasing
  • Is a key enabler for collaborative procurement, including driving up supplier performance by providing an open feedback mechanism and re-use of a services to drive efficiency and cost savings
  • Helps improve operational efficiency and reduce cost
  • Enables various ministries to integrate and consolidate hardware and create platforms for shared functions
  • Increases the pace of processing by integrating shared functions, increasing collaboration among systems, and providing secure and advanced governmental services to citizens and businesses
  • Enables the Information Assurance (IA) and security community to have access to information related to the assurance and accreditation status of the service
G-cloud transformation drivers
Catalogue of SaaS and cloud solutions
  • Offer relevant to governmental customers industry-leading products from Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Kaspersky, etc.
  • Add new products and services beyond our extensive portfolio of integrations via Vendor Portal using REST API
  • Offer platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions designed for niche cases
    Billing and usage management automation
    • Automated billing aggregation and settlement, integrated invoices for different applications and services
    • Supports pre-pay and post-pay billing models
    • Variety of billing types are available and configurable, including not only classic types such as pay-as-you-go and reservation, but vendor specific billing types like Microsoft CSP etc.
    • Determines which online services and applications need attention for updating their pricing, SKU, or restructure a delivery workflow
    Management and governance
    • Management and governance capabilities targeting end-user organizations capabilities are expanding
    • Saves time and reduces complexity through a single brokerage management console. IT admins in Government cloud can set up accounts for their client organizations and employees in minutes, create subscriptions and fill in payment details
    • Subsidiary management: configures multilevel subsidiary scheme, delegates tariff plans to subsidiaries, configures subsidiaries discounts, manages subsidiary billing
    • Account and subscription management: create, delete, and manage user accounts of subsidiaries and user account for other legal derivatives, creates, deletes, manages subsidiary end user subscriptions
    Minimize OPEX and CAPEX risk
    If you prefer OPEX
    • Eliminate time to market cost by quickly launching with ActivePlatform
    • Avoid the substantial CAPEX required to build a brokerage platform in house
    • Minimize operational cost by leveraging ActivePlatform economies of scale

    If you prefer CAPEX
    • To protect your future IT budgets, and own your brokerage platform and data, benefit from a CAPEX-based licensing in an Enterprise Agreement
    Working with ActivePlatform will ensure that you launch with the most advanced cloud service core brokerage technology available today, with subscription billing and payment management while utilizing our best practices to drive delivery and cost management.