ActivePlatform is ready for Microsoft NCE

Sell cloud services like Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Windows 365 within the Microsoft New Commerce Experience program
Special features of Microsoft New Commerce Experience
Product and price auto-updater
Be sure you sell only actual products from the latest Microsoft price list, and the prices in your catalog are always up to date. ActivePlatform fully automates the process of updating information about all Microsoft products. The Microsoft plans updater runs monthly and generates a detailed report about all changes for you.
Several billing options and customer commitment
Offer monthly and annual billing period options, free trials, and secure customer commitment to using the ordered number of licenses. Our billing logic reflects all peculiarities of the Microsoft New Commerce program, both for prepay and postpay models.
Promo discounts from Microsoft
Outrun others with Microsoft promo discounts to your customers. Our cloud brokerage platform automatically checks available promotions, customer eligibility, and order options and applies the best discount to a subscription, including future orders.
Scheduled purchases
Let your customers decide when their subscription starts — immediately or on any day within two next weeks. Delayed sales orders are an excellent tool for aligning bills for companies with dozens of subscriptions and strict accounting rules.
Prerequisite check for addons
Feel free to offer not only Microsoft products but also valuable addons. ActivePlatform will do prerequisite checks for every order and prompt your customers when they need to purchase the main product first.
Microsoft AppSource third-party products
Add even more value and sell thousands of third-party solutions from Microsoft AppSource. Get flexible private offers and agree with an ISV on an individual margin. ActivePlatform provides a single integration, automated provisioning, and consolidated billing across all customer's subscriptions.
Cancellation policy
Allow your customers to change their mind, cancel their Microsoft NCE subscriptions, and get a refund. ActivePlatform is aware of the Microsoft refund policy, so you will never lose money on cancelations, while your customers get a clear view of their opt-out options and a countdown timer for every subscription.
Subscription upgrades
Help your customers grow during their cloud transformation. Let them start with a free trial, then switch to a commercial offer with the ability to add more licenses to their subscriptions and eventually upgrade them to a higher SKU at any moment.
Scheduled renewals
Build long-time relations with your customers. Our cloud brokerage platform can automatically renew all subscriptions under the same conditions. However, your customers can schedule necessary changes on the next renewal — switch to another SKU and add or cancel some licenses.
Subscription expiration date alignment
Give your customers the ability to order a subscription with a custom expiration date. Sync it with their other subscriptions and simplify shared renewal payments. ActivePlatform supports all the options available in Microsoft Partner Center.
Deal review and customer organization review
Handle even rare cases. Occasionally, Microsoft may perform additional reviews of customers' data. Don't worry about missing any information. Track the review progress with ActivePlatform and get notified if any actions are needed.
Step beyond subscription management and enable your customers with a tool to assign and remove purchased Microsoft licenses within their self-service portal. ActivePlatform Customer Control Panel has a dedicated section to view users of a customer's Microsoft tenant and manage available licenses.
Thorough logging
Keep an eye on everything. ActivePlatform writes the log of all subscription events, including your customers' acceptance of the Microsoft Customer Agreement, the current subscription status in Microsoft Partner Center, and responses and any errors received from the Microsoft side.
Admin tools
Stay flexible, prevent money loss, and control everything via ActivePlatform Operator Control Panel. Your staff can manage Microsoft NCE subscriptions on behalf of customers, adjust credit limits, offer discounts and individual prices and service terms, or force terminate subscriptions anytime if necessary.
Invite customers with existing Microsoft tenants to join ActivePlatform and transfer their subscriptions — all of them or selected only. During migration, optionally set individual prices and generate charges for a subscription.