How ActivePlatform can help you become a profitable Microsoft CSP Reseller

For Microsoft CSP partners, there is nothing more important than ensuring an acceptable level of margin to achieve business profitability. The only way to achieve the desired level of profitability is by reducing costs and increasing margins, and a platform that allows it via complex automation of the CSP partner's business is a need.

Automated billing and provisioning platform built by ActivePlatform is built with Microsoft CSP Distributors, Tier-1 and Direct Providers in mind.

With ActivePlatform CSP partner can automate every aspect of its business from customer relationship to technical provisioning of Microsoft services, their billing and invoicing. ActivePlatform supports all Microsoft services, like Office 365, Microsoft 365, Windows 10 subscription and Azure IaaS in all its variety, including Azure Plan and Azure Reserved Instances.

CSP partner can focus on growing their business instead of spending time on tasks that can be automated.

With ActivePlatform implemented there will be no need to spend your costly time to
  • manage spreadsheets to bill your customers,
  • update prices in accordance with Microsoft Dynamic Pricing for CSPs,
  • count sold licenses and new purchases,
  • wait Partner Center for reconciliation files to fill bills for customers,
  • answer support ticket from customers to provision and bill Microsoft services.

All this will disappear as you will implement ActivePlatform in your business.

With ActivePlatform you will be able to
  • provide your customer with a self-service portal to manage all their subscriptions,
  • onboard your own resellers and Tier-2 CSP partners,
  • provide your partners with a white-label customer store where end customer can select and purchase Microsoft services and products,
  • manage Tier-2 partners, control their custom margins and offers,
  • handle billing and invoicing for channel partners, resellers and end customers,
  • create bundles, marketing discounts and promotion codes,
  • control your business via advanced reporting,
  • provide trial plans throughout the whole your channel,
  • use prorated billing and different billing types for sold services,
  • manage every aspect of pricing and profitability of your offers.

Moreover, you can sell non-Microsoft services from the vast portfolio of connected services from such vendors, as Google, Acronis, Kaspersky, ESET, etc.

Vendor Portal of ActivePlatform allows you to onboard new vendors from the list of your partners. The two-sided marketplace architecture of ActivePlatform will help you bring new vendors to your customers and resellers.

ActivePlatform can be used by small Tier-1 or Direct Providers and by the large one. For latter, we have special features to manage your multi-country business from the single pane of glass.

ActivePlatform is well suited for multi-country business because of
  • support for multi-taxes and multi-currencies,
  • tree-like organization of resellers and customers in a simple, yet powerful uniform UI,
  • localization in Bosnian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese languages,
  • multi-tenant support in one entity.

Create a great experience for your channel partners and their end customers and scale your business to the next level!

Get in touch, and we'll consult you on how ActivePlatform can help you scale your Microsoft CSP business and raise its profits.