DECEMBER 07, 2021

ActivePlatform 5.8: the first stage of Microsoft NCE support and new integration with Adobe

DECEMBER 07, 2021: ActivePlatform, the market player in automated cloud service brokerage systems, released version 5.8 of its cloud sales automation platform.

In the last release of 2021, we completed the first step of the full support of the Microsoft New Commerce Experience program and added integration with Adobe VIP Marketplace.

Microsoft New Commerce Experience integration

We made our first step toward launching the Microsoft NCE program in ActivePlatform in early 2022. In version 5.8, the following automatic provisioning features became available:

  • Ordering a new subscription to a product. The following Microsoft NCE term durations and billing plans are ready:
  • Ordering an addon — only for customers who already have a subscription to the main software product. Our cloud brokerage platform checks the prerequisites against the SKU list fetched from Microsoft. Before placing an order, it prompts a user when the necessary subscription is missing.
  • Stopping an active purchased subscription.
  • Activating a stopped subscription before it gets deleted.
  • Changing the number of resources. In fact, for all Microsoft NCE subscriptions, only one resource is available. It is called "Licenses" and represents the number of purchased licenses to a Microsoft NCE product like Windows 365 or Dynamics 365.

Adobe Creative Cloud integration

With ActivePlatform, you can now sell Adobe Creative Cloud products. The complete collection of products is available within a single subscription. Your customers can purchase Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator and add more licenses to their subscriptions at any moment. However, all the licenses share the same expiration date of a subscription.

After purchasing a subscription in ActivePlatform, your customers get direct access from the Customer Control Panel to Adobe Admin Console. There they can assign licenses to their team users.

Fully automatic provisioning works with Adobe VIP Marketplace, a modern online ordering tool. Integration is implemented using ActivePlatform Vendor Portal. With Vendor Portal, you can add more languages to the product description or specify prices in your local currency.
Read more about multilingual and multicurrency support in Vendor Portal: Vendor Portal 5.0: focus on multi-market sales and usability

More new features

Here are a few more features we implemented in version 5.8.

We added support of Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce. It helps resellers track their promotion sales and measure the efficiency of their marketing activities. The data is collected when customers follow a buy link in Customer Store to complete an order in the Customer Control Panel. It includes information about:
  • Product.
  • Plan.
  • Primary resource amount.
  • Order amount.
All the metrics are sent to a specified Google Analytics account for further investigation.

We added an automatic clean-up step for manually stopping a subscription. It is particularly helpful for customers who decide to quit using a subscription before its expiration. The extra step ensures that a manually stopped subscription will not be activated automatically in the future. For example, unwanted activation may be triggered by an order paid in advance. So, the platform prompts users when they are about to stop a subscription and cancels any unprocessed order or payment linked to it.

Reseller Store can now display a link to confirm a Microsoft CSP invitation. It is needed when a manager orders the first subscription to a Microsoft service for an existing domain. So, a manager can now follow the link and confirm that a customer accepted the partner's invitation.
Read more about our self-service portal for small- and medium-sized resellers: Introducing Reseller Store

Expanding our international availability, we added support of the Malaysian ringgit, Philippine peso, and Thai baht. These currencies became available in Vendor Portal too.
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