Learn all the features of ActivePlatform platform for CSP, distributors and resellers in self-paced online training

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In this self-paced training you will:

  • Learn typical scenarios how to implement and use ActivePlatform in reseller's business to automate cloud services sales.
  • Understand how to use ActivePlatform to sell cloud services, how to manage subscriptions, partner network and end customers through the series of short videos.
List of scenarios:

  • Scenario 1. Trial Subscription Order by a new Customer. We'll show the features of ActivePlatform' public marketplace. Also we'll show how end user can order trial subscription of typical SaaS service via marketplace.
  • Scenario 2. Overview of the Customer Panel. We'll show how to use customer panel to manage and order subscriptions by end users. You can choose subscription from the list of services, tune needed resources for that subscription and purchase it. After purchase the subscription will be automatically provisioned.
  • Scenario 3. ActivePlatform Control Panel Overview for Distributors and Service Providers. You will familiarize with control panel for distributors and service providers. We'll present all main features and functions for management of subscriptions, accounts and services.
  • Scenario 4. Reseller Panel Overview. We'll show how ActivePlatform control panel is used by resellers to manage their customers, sell and manage subscriptions, provision services in manual mode, configure settings, like notifications, additional managers of resellers and so on.
  • Scenario 5. End Customer Ordering complex VMware Subscription. You will learn how end customer can order complex subscription (VMware in example) with set of custom resources.
  • Scenario 6. Ordering of VMware Subscription from Operators Control Panel. We'll show how reseller's manager can order complex subscription (VMware in example) with set of custom resources via Operators Control Panel on behalf of end customer.
Working with ActivePlatform will ensure that you use the most advanced cloud service brokerage technology available today, with unified identity, access, subscription billing, and payment management while utilizing best practices to drive sell-through.