Eliminate financial risks of the upcoming Microsoft Legacy migration to NCE with ActivePlatform 7.8

In our final release of the year 2023, we introduced a tool to check expiring Microsoft Legacy subscriptions, added support for customers' PO documents, and made the postpaid manual approvals more flexible.

Microsoft Legacy migration to NCE

We've added a tool to cancel unwanted NCE subscriptions. This tool is essential to prevent duplicate subscriptions when customers buy NCE subscriptions instead of migrating their Legacy subscriptions.
Starting January 1, 2024, Microsoft will stop renewing Legacy subscriptions. Instead, new NCE subscriptions will be created when Legacy subscriptions expire. Our tool finds and cancels these NCE subscriptions to avoid problems and extra costs.
Here's how our tool works:

  1. Find old subscriptions expiring on or after January 1, 2024.
  2. Check for new subscriptions that were automatically created when old subscriptions expired.
  3. Cancel any new subscriptions that are not needed.
  4. Make a report about the processed subscriptions.

Our tool can be set up not to cancel certain subscriptions so that only the ones that should be canceled are affected.

Using our automated tool, we can ensure that customers don't have the same subscription twice and that the migration to new subscriptions is smooth. This saves money and makes subscription management easier.

Purchase Order (PO)

In the Customer Control Panel, we've introduced a new feature allowing customers to easily include their purchase order (PO) number and file directly from their purchasing system. This option is available both during the initial subscription purchase and later through the order card.
Managers using the Operator Control Panel can access and review this information on the order page for added convenience. They can promptly transfer the relevant details to the vendor if there is a need for purchase verification. This enhancement streamlines the process, providing a seamless experience for customers and ensuring efficient communication between all parties involved.

Updated manual permissions for the "Postpay" model

To tailor control over postpaid subscription orders and prevent potential abuse, we have changed the manual approval process. Resellers who use manual approval for customers' postpaid subscription orders can now specify whether manager approval is required for ordering a commercial subscription only or for trial subscriptions as well. Before, trial subscriptions didn't require approval, potentially leading to misuse.

To explore these features firsthand and witness how they can benefit your operations, we invite you to book a demo with us. See the power of the platform during a personalized walkthrough and get a consultation tailored to your specific needs.
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