Top new features of ActivePlatform 7.4 and 7.5

Our cloud brokerage platform got two major updates in July and September of 2023. We extended our integration with Microsoft NCE and Microsoft Azure Plan cloud services. We also added support for vendor-recommended prices and rolled out several significant features for our customer self-service portal.

Resell Microsoft 365

We've added a new feature to our Microsoft CSP billing automation that lets you customize the expiration dates of Microsoft NCE subscriptions. Now, customers and managers can align these dates with existing tenant subscriptions or set them to the beginning of the month. This may shorten the subscription period in a sales order, but the subscription will be renewed for a full period in sync with other Microsoft NCE subscriptions. An additional order step displays the list of available options and associated subscriptions.

Microsoft Azure billing automation

We've improved the beloved "Service Management" section of our Customer Control Panel. Customers can view and assign user roles for Microsoft Azure Plan subscriptions. To speed up the process, they can select up to 10 users simultaneously.
We've also added insights into significant consumption surges in pay-as-you-go subscriptions. They are available in the subscription's new "Monitoring" tab and the "Analytics" section. Just set the thresholds, and our advanced detection algorithm will help your customers make better decisions about their cloud usage.

This feature works perfectly with any pay-as-you-go service, including Google Cloud Platform and AWS.
Consumption alerts work perfectly with any pay-as-you-go cloud service in our inventory, including Google Cloud Platform and AWS.
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Vendor-recommended prices for reselling cloud services

We've added support for vendor-recommended prices. They are the prices that a vendor suggests that resellers charge their customers for a SaaS product.
Vendor-recommended prices are set and stored within plans at the distributor level, alongside net costs and retail prices. When plans are handed over to downstream resellers, these recommended prices are sent as read-only and automatically sync when altered at the upstream level. Managers can compare net costs and retail prices while placing orders and reduce potential financial risks.
When updating Microsoft plans, both the recommended price (ERP) and net cost from a Microsoft price list are now automatically processed and stored.

Previously, the retail price was calculated using automatic markup only applied to the net cost of a plan. Managers can now choose how to apply the markup to the net cost or the recommended price. Also, the accuracy of automatic markup values has been increased from 2 to 4 decimal places.

Self-service portal for customers of the cloud brokerage platform

The new features of the Customer Control Panel make it easier to manage subscriptions, payments, and orders:
  • Custom subscription names: Customers can now name their subscriptions during purchase and rename them later. This makes it easy to find a subscription among other subscriptions to the same plan.
  • Tax information everywhere: Tax information is now displayed throughout the Customer Control Panel, including order configuration, subscription details pages, blocked charges list, consumption reports, and order and payment cards.
  • Improved user experience: We've revamped the account attributes appearance in the Customer Control Panel. You can now customize the composition, display order, and grouping of the main and custom account attributes. As a result, your customers get a simplified and streamlined registration process when they buy their first subscription.
  • Downloadable reports: Export to Excel the lists of account subscriptions, payments, orders, and transactions according to the filters.
  • Subscription status colors: Subscription card header colors now correspond to the subscription status, making it easier to see which are active or require action.

Operator Control Panel and general improvements

Here are other new features of our automated cloud brokering solution:
  • Transfer subscriptions to individual prices: Managers can now transfer subscriptions ordered at the plan prices to individual prices. Custom pricing became easier to use without contacting technical support.
  • Set custom payment due dates: Managers can now set a custom payment due date for postpaid invoices with external management. Work with more flexibility in managing your customers' payments.
  • Stricter password requirements: We've improved the platform's security with unified, more stringent password requirements. Be sure that all your managers and customers have passwords strong enough to withstand any modern and future threats.
About ActivePlatform
ActivePlatform is a full-service automated cloud brokering solution for cloud service providers and internal IT hubs that makes it easier to manage and control the cloud delivery and profitability. ActivePlatform unites vendors, providers, developers, and resellers into a single ecosystem for buying, selling, and managing cloud services. With its open vendor integration framework, ActivePlatform creates a vibrant catalog of cloud services ultimately helping businesses gain access to the services they need to thrive.
ActivePlatform enables SaaS, PaaS, IaaS aggregation, delivery, and monetization, provides simplified administration through central management, and enables critical visibility into resellers and cloud services consumption and usage. The platform has implementations with distributors, cloud solution providers, and telecom operators. ActivePlatform is headquartered in Europe.
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