ActivePlatform 7.2: tax management, new product portfolio, and alerts for peak pay-as-you-go consumption

The latest version of ActivePlatform gets new features to manage taxes, organize large product catalogs, and notify about anomalies in the consumption of IaaS subscriptions like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Taxation module

ActivePlatform is one step more suitable for rapid expansion to international markets as an automatic billing system for cloud services. The new taxation module is now available for all resellers with out-of-the-box integration with taxes like VAT and local and regional regulations.

When you start selling any cloud services integrated with ActivePlatform, consider these two steps:

  1. Add to the platform all required taxes and set their rates and applicability to groups of your customers.
  2. Choose how to calculate the taxes: inside the plan prices or above.

Once done, the platform displays and bills the tax amount for every order and payment. Your managers and customers can see whether the prices include taxes. You can add a new tax or update the tax rate anytime. The taxation module can also report information about taxes applied to charges to your ERP system via the ActivePlatform API.
With the taxation module, resellers can now configure taxes for correct billing and unlock selling in new local markets faster than ever.
Need integration of ActivePlatform with an external taxation module? Contact us, and we will show you how it would work.

Product portfolio: vendors and product lines

Selling hundreds of products from several major vendors became typical for resellers who use ActivePlatform as a cloud brokerage service. A growing number of offers eventually did it more challenging to manage them. This is why we introduce a new approach to a reseller's product portfolio.
Check out how ActivePlatform automatically creates and updates Microsoft NCE products and plans from the Microsoft price list: Keep your catalog up to date with the automatic Microsoft plans updater
As a reseller, you now have a single list of vendors. Use a vendor in the platform to link the products through all downstream reseller levels. Each vendor can have product lines — another new entity of the platform. Group products in product lines in the platform exactly as vendors do in their catalogs. As a result, you will have products that reside in the product lines of a particular vendor, clear and concise. For technical purposes like notification configuration, we recommend you continue to rely on product categories that aggregate products among different product lines and vendors.

The new vendor and product line sections help reduce the clutter in reseller portfolios, resulting in more effective management in the cloud brokerage platform.

Pay-as-you-go consumption anomalies monitoring

ActivePlatform version 7.2 goes beyond the automation of selling and billing subscriptions to cloud services. Your customers now get free protection for their expenses. A new tool works against intruders who might access pay-as-you-go IaaS subscriptions and exploit the computing power of virtual machines.

When you activate the monitoring of consumption anomalies, the platform asks to set two thresholds: absolute and relative. The platform analyzes the day-to-day differences in consumption for all pay-as-you-go subscriptions and compares them against the thresholds.
For example, it can detect an increase in consumption of $1000 or more, but only when this amount is at least 50% compared to the previous day. Our smart algorithm tracks several parameters and can tell the difference between suspicious activity and valid situations like irregular consumption or a start of a new subscription.
If the platform detects a consumption spike for a subscription, it notifies the owner. A notification also includes a quick link to the analytics section in the Customer Control Panel.

Detecting abnormal consumption patterns is a tremendous competitive advantage that you get with ActivePlatform regardless of which IaaS subscriptions you offer to customers, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, or selling your own VMware vCloud solution.

Take advantage of the new features of ActivePlatform 7.2! Book a demo today to see how it can simplify your cloud-selling business and help you expand to new markets faster.
About ActivePlatform
ActivePlatform is a full-service automated cloud brokering solution for cloud service providers and internal IT hubs that makes it easier to manage and control the cloud delivery and profitability. ActivePlatform unites vendors, providers, developers, and resellers into a single ecosystem for buying, selling, and managing cloud services. With its open vendor integration framework, ActivePlatform creates a vibrant catalog of cloud services ultimately helping businesses gain access to the services they need to thrive.
ActivePlatform enables SaaS, PaaS, IaaS aggregation, delivery, and monetization, provides simplified administration through central management, and enables critical visibility into resellers and cloud services consumption and usage. The platform has implementations with distributors, cloud solution providers, and telecom operators. ActivePlatform is headquartered in Europe.
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