Acronis Cyber Protect — BaaS for MSPs and cloud providers portfolio

ActivePlatform allows resellers to add value to every Microsoft 365 and IaaS sale by offering a flexible, white-labeled backup solution. With Acronis Cyber Protect, your customers can back up their data from Microsoft data centers or your own cloud directly to highly secure Acronis data centers.

Sell backup service for Microsoft 365

If you are reselling Microsoft products, your customers may want to protect their data across the services. The most important are mailboxes, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft 365 Teams. Make a step forward and offer backup by Acronis as an additional service.

With ActivePlatform, your customers can purchase the required number of Microsoft 365 seats for backing up and the corresponding backup storage size. They can manage protected items, monitor their usage via the Acronis Cyber Protect Panel branded with your logo, and add more resources at any time via the ActivePlatform Customer Control Panel. Our cloud brokerage platform provides simple monthly billing per ordered Microsoft 365 seat and GB of storage.
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Add cloud backup by Acronis

Acronis Cyber Protect also fits those who sell their own public, private, and hybrid clouds. The co-sale of two services via ActivePlatform may become your crucial advantage in the market. Every month your customers will receive an invoice for their subscriptions: IaaS and Acronis backup. Your customers will be billed per number of the backed-up workstations, servers, virtual machines, and GB of backup storage. You can access the Acronis Cyber Cloud Admin Panel to manage your customers and check their backup configuration.

Automated provisioning and billing of Acronis Cyber Protect

ActivePlatform relies on the subscription model for every cloud service available in the portfolio. Since Acronis Cyber Protect does not use the subscription entity, we applied an individual approach to the service. The result includes automated provisioning and billing of the backup services from Acronis:
  • With the first Acronis subscription for an account in the platform, a new tenant and its admin user are created on the Acronis side. Protection with backup is activated for the items ordered in a subscription. The quota for protecting Microsoft 365 seats, workstations, servers, and virtual machines equals the ordered number of the related resources in a subscription.
  • All subsequent Acronis subscriptions for the same account in the platform use the created tenant.
  • All subscriptions of an account in the platform share a single backup storage on the Acronis side. The backup storage size equals the total number of resource units ordered among all active Acronis subscriptions of the account.
Every Acronis subscription is free until the end of the current month. After that, a customer pays monthly for the maximum quantity of a resource as it is used for the whole month. Customers can analyze their Acronis subscription costs per resource and monthly dynamics spending in the ActivePlatform Customer Control Panel.

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