Is your
Tech Support ending
with Odin this year?

Are you concerned about the future of your Cloud Automation Platform?
If you are a cloud solutions provider on Odin Automation Premium, or another on-premises brokerage platform, you might be concerned about the future of your cloud platform in case you receive lack of technical support, or if your tech support contract is expiring.
Contact us to discuss your unique needs and the best option for your business moving forward:

ActivePlatform can help:

  • Keep you going on Odin (via DevTech subcontract)
  • Start your new cloud sales on ActivePlatform as an alternative solution.
  • Migrate all your sales to our platform.
We are a full-service automated cloud brokerage solution for cloud service providers and government clouds that makes it easier to manage and control the cloud delivery and business profitability. ActivePlatform offers a white-labelled cloud brokerage platform, which supports reselling Office 365 and Azure among other Microsoft CSP online services, as well as other multi-vendor API packaged offerings from its global catalogue of leading brands. Service providers on ActivePlatform support thousands of end users with multi-vendor subscriptions. Read below to learn how we can help with your Odin transition.