Management team
CEO, Founder
Oleg Tyagunov
Oleg Tyagunov is a successful entrepreneur in information technology field. He initiated the cloud brokering platform development team in 2014, and grew this business unit into a product company in 2016 with the goal for it to become a recognized cloud brokerage enabler for service providers, value added resellers, and public sector organizations in emerging markets.
To ActivePlatform Oleg brings knowledge of cloud service provider business model and needs, which stems from Oleg's leadership as CEO and founder at ActiveCloud in 2003. Since that time ActiveCloud became Top-3 XaaS provider in CIS and Russia according to IDC and J'son & Partners reports with over 50 000 customers and 35% CAGR for the last 3 years.
SVP, Sales
Rony Moyal
Rony Moyal is the Senior Vice President of Sales for ActivePlatform. Rony has over 18 years of experience in developing, marketing, and innovating Cloud Automation solutions to enable large Telcos, Tech Distributors and Service Providers worldwide to tap into the Digital Revolution and realize revenue and growth.
In his role with ActivePlatform and using his rich Sales, Engineering, and Product management experience, Rony will be looking to drive ActivePlatform to be a major Cloud Automation Platform force.
Andrei Kapeikin
Prior to joining ActivePlatform, Andrei Kapeikin was the Senior Program manager at IBA Group, and led numerous internal initiatives such as SaaS UnityCRM, MailSender, and University 2.0.
Andrei built his expertise as project manager, program manager, product manager, and a leader of engineering teams when he managed a few large projects for IBM USA including GACDW, SDI, BlueBench. At IBM USA he managed creation of prototypes and commercialization of technology for customers from USA, UAE, UK, and Western and Eastern Europe.
He also supports and mentors technology startups where he stays abreast of technological innovation and entrepreneurial business approach.
Liana Antanovich
As the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for ActivePlatform, Liana manages strategic marketing activities, including determining the company's competitive position in the global market for broker platforms and resellers, developing business development scenarios and options, and helping promote ActivePlatform services. Liana drives the global marketing team of ActivePlatform's employees, partners, and vendors to ensure competencies and skills for launching new products and services and successful use of the platform.
In 2009, Liana founded Copernici, a US-based consultancy. Since that time, she has helped technology companies plan and make strategic steps in global markets, including creating business and marketing strategies, as well as managing partner channels, commercial operations, brands, and reputation management.