Deliver Microsoft
web-based products with ActivePlatform
Empower your customers to get the best of breed cloud services from Microsoft just in a few clicks away


Office 365 and Windows Azure are one of the top-sold cloud products by Microsoft, gaining popularity worldwide day after day. For you as a service provider including these products into your portfolio opens a window of opportunity to share Microsoft’s success. Boost revenues drastically and reduce churn rate by offering your clients best of breed cloud services from Microsoft just in a few clicks away.

At the same time providing web-based solutions like Office 365 or Windows Azure is a completely new business type that service providers haven’t got used to. It requires carefully tuned sales machine, specific technical tools like automatic services provisioning and billing engine as well as integration with internal and external IT systems. Developing these tools may turn into a complex and time-consuming process.

Sell Microsoft web-based products with ActivePlatform

ActivePlatform will become your technology partner and offer full web-based integration with Office 365 and Windows Azure. In fact this means that you will be able to select any service from Office 365 and Azure packages (Lync Online, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Office, etc), bundle it with your own product or pre-integrated 3rd party cloud service and offer to your clients. We have already taken care about all necessary technical preparations, helping you to avoid extra costs.

In addition to a complete, web-based integration, ActivePlatform is the technology partner that handles all of the back-end functionality involved in delivering Office 365 products, including billing, provisioning, identity management, and more.

With cutting edge marketplace and powerful back-end ActivePlatform empowers service providers to grow their revenues drastically while reducing costs on integration, maintenance and support.

Your Benefits

  • Grow your revenues with best-selling web-services from Microsoft
  • Bundle Office 365 and Azure with your core offering to raise your sales
  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Grow your resellers \ partners network